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Take advantage of Southwest Denver Double Credit promotion [26 Jul 2010|01:22pm]
Take advantage of our Denver Double Credit promotion where you get one bonus Rapid Rewards credit each time you fly into or out of Denver between May 27 and September 22, 2010! That means you can earn two credits for every one-way flight (four credits when you travel roundtrip). Purchase a Business Select fare with this promotion, and you will receive 2.25 credits for shorthaul flights and 3.0 credits for longhaul flights!

To take advantage of this promotion, simply follow these steps:

1. Register for this promotion between May 27, 2010 and September 22, 2010.
2. Book a flight for yourself between May 27, 2010 and September 22, 2010.
3. Complete your travel between May 27, 2010 and September 22, 2010.

Dog adoption needed [30 Nov 2009|07:29pm]

[ mood | depressed ]


A home has been found. He will be moving to Ohio this weekend to be the only dog in a family with teenage boys.


art auction [11 Sep 2009|02:50pm]


help kids, donate art!
we need art pieces to auction off to help keep music in schools through the Hot Topic Foundation. we have only received about 10 pieces & need many more. just drop them off at any Hot Topic by Sept. 25th. the show is Sept. 27th at Sol Tribe on Broadway.
the pieces may be any size or medium.


Garage Sale this weekend [24 Aug 2009|07:10pm]

Come one! Come all! to the amazingly cross-posted garage sale this weekend!

Lakewood, on Simms, between 20th and 26th

11605 Carmel Drive, in Lakewood!

We will have Baby Stuff!
Car Stuff!
Computer Parts!
Kids Toys!

And MORE!!!

Friday and Saturday starting at 8 AM and going until we get sick of selling stuff, or run out of crap!

See ya there!

Disco Circus Sunday!!! [03 Aug 2009|11:44pm]

RockBar,Glamazon,Matt Black,Kitchy Ami

Although it's coined as Denver's Ultimate Disco party, you'll hear anything from top Disco, to New Wave and Electroclash... and of course GLAM!

Tuesday [08 Jun 2009|01:45am]


RockBar,Matt Black,Kitchy Ami,Glamazon

Disco, New Wave, Electroclash, & of course GLAM !
Don't Miss This Dance Extravaganza!
You will get the chance to dance your butt of to Donna Summer, Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band, Ladytron, Fischerspooner,
David Bowie, Queen, Erasure, Duran Duran, New Order, & MORE

Sunday [23 Mar 2009|11:31am]

[ mood | excited ]

Don't miss this weeks Rock-It !!!
Playing the best indie from 70's, 80's, 90's, & Current.
Nick Cave to The Killers. Pink Floyd to War On Drugs.


Want to hear something different or a song lost in time? Shoot me your request now to make sure I have it!


Sunday Indie Night @ Old Curtis Street [18 Feb 2009|04:53pm]


This will be the first night of an upcoming weekly Sunday Indie night.
We will be playing current hits, favorites, & long forgotten past loves. Playing everything no one else will !
S.I.N. specials @ the bar
Chill, Hang out, & Get ready for the week!
Starts this Sunday 2/22 @ 9pm

Trouble Andrew! [11 Feb 2009|03:30pm]

Trouble Andrew's album FINALLY came out yesterday. i totally love it... everyone should check it out on iTunes . if you don't believe me about how completely awesome he is, definitely check out this remix that Innerpartysystem did of his track "Chase Money." 

party at the burton store with trevor andrew playing [30 Jan 2009|03:28pm]

this is gonna be awesome... anyone else going?: http://tinyurl.com/bkvxjj 

Trevor Trouble Andrew's music [19 Jan 2009|07:18pm]

Has anyone here heard snowboarder Trevor "Trouble" Andrew's music before? I gotta admit that i'm really feeling it.

you can download a song of his for free on his website and hear more on his myspace. i've been following him on twitter too, nice.

post your thoughts!


Mumiy Troll comes to America 2009 - Greetings! [14 Jan 2009|10:53pm]

02/02/09 @ Hi Dive, Denver, CO.

Tour schedule: Collapse )

Firewood [03 Jan 2009|03:55pm]

[ mood | cold ]

We have a wood burning fireplace that is our primairy source of heat, being that public service is going up and we have a newborn, we use the fireplace as much as possible.  However we are just about out of wood.

Does anyone know where there is free firewood available?  We can pick up.

I have already emailed every ad from the last week on Crigslist.





Electronic Music This Friday!!! [21 Oct 2008|04:01pm]


Paid Activist Jobs for Obama [27 Aug 2008|01:37pm]


Tired of the Bush Administration and the way our country is being run?
Take America in a new direction!

Get paid to work towards a more progressive future where:

- Every American has health care
- All our children can receive a quality education
- Global warming is reversed and our energy comes from clean, renewable sources
- America is an example for the world through partnerships abroad and democracy at home

While we’re spending billions of dollars every week in Iraq and giving tax breaks to oil companies that are raking in record profits, we cannot provide millions of children, here at home, healthcare or a decent education. Currently, we are working on campaigns to restructure our country’s priorities by organizing at the grassroots level and signing up members! To do this, we're seeking hard-working, committed progressives who are interested in making a difference and want to move our country in the right direction!

Career opportunities and benefits available.

Apply by calling James at (303) 458-1976 or (303) 458-1967

Colorado Sex Ed [20 Aug 2008|11:30am]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey All... I am having a tough time finding out what exactly the rules are about sex ed in the state.

When are they teaching it in schools and what viewpoint are they showing? Mine was in 6th grade, and the general premise was "Don't have sex, you will get AIDS and die."

Has the education system become any more liberal in the past decade+?

Do schools get to choose between comprehensive or abstinence-only programs?

What groups or third party programs are in the state to provide further education?

What about secondary education? Do high schools offer health classes still? What do they cover?

Please know that I am asking informational questions, not opinions on the subject matter.

Thank you.


Poi [06 Aug 2008|09:21am]
anyone know of poi classes/meetups for newbies?

The Strange Little Book Club still needs a few more members! [06 Jun 2008|03:52pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Information you may or may not already know:
There is a plethora of bizarre literature out there. Dark, disturbing, odd, or wacky books that are just waiting to be dug up, digested, and discussed. This is a book club where we find those books and share our experiences with them. This is not a book club for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Meetings will be held the last Saturday of every month. Our first meeting will take place on Saturday, June 28th at 3 p.m. at the cafe Paris on the Platte.

The book we are reading and discussing for our first meeting is The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. This particular book was chosen because of it's reputation for being both frightfully strange and obnoxiously cruel... it has topped many "Most Disturbing Books" lists (however, I myself am halfway through it and personally do not find it too offensive).

If you are interested in being a member of The Strange Little Book Club, please e-mail me at: strangelittlebookclub@yahoo.com

Best wishes!



[ mood | badass. ]

Dear Denver,

You like slam poetry? You want to support YOUR 2008 Youth Slam Team??

Time and Place
Friday, May 30, 2008
7:00pm - 9:30pm
South High School
1700 E Louisiana Ave
Denver, CO

The Denver Youth Slam Team is going to Washington, DC in July to represent Denver in the Brave New Voices, International Youth Poetry Festival. They are going to kick ass and take no prisoners, BUT they need your help to do that!
All the money raised at this show will go towards getting the team on a plane going towards D.C. All they need is your financial support. They can handle the ass-kicking part.

If you've already come to previous fundraisers, do not be discouraged, this show will be full of new poems and suprising hilarity! In addition to see performances by the Denver Youth Slam Team, there will be Nationally Recognized Adult Poets performing!! There will be an open mic and we will be honored to have a few music guest stars, Another Lisa and Chuck D!!

At the low prices at 5 dollars for students and only 10 for adults, it's well worth your time and money.
Plus, at the end of the night, there will be a raffle for Buffalo Exchange, Stella's and Tattered Cover gift cards!

Please come and support us! You'll walk away with inspiration, cool new tunes and maybe a few sweet prizes. You won't regret it. 


TONIGHT Friday May 23rd is DISINTEGRATION! Ladytron promo! [23 May 2008|08:49am]

Our next installment is TONIGHT Friday May 23rd! Start Memorial Day weekend off right!!
Also, if you love Ladytron, we hage a huge promo going on tonight, read details under the cut!
Read more...Collapse )
w/DJSlave1, 0N1X & SN1P3R
314 E 13th Ave. Denver, CO 21+ only
Free before 9:30, $5.00 after

For playlists & pictures:
"Disintegration Livejournal"
"Disintegration MySpace"

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